Our Team

Welcome to HookupsGuru.com! We are an online platform dedicated to helping you find the best dating sites and apps for your needs. Our team of experts have been researching, testing, and reviewing different services since our launch in 2020 so that we can provide accurate information about which platforms will work best for you.

We understand how important it is to feel confident when choosing a dating site or app – after all, this is where you’ll be meeting potential partners who could potentially become lifelong friends or even romantic partners! That’s why we take great care in providing honest reviews based on thorough research into each service available today. With us by your side, finding the perfect match has never been easier!

Our team consists of experienced professionals from various backgrounds including psychology, marketing research & development as well as customer experience management – all working together towards one goal: making sure that everyone finds what they’re looking for without any hassle whatsoever! From analyzing user feedbacks to creating detailed comparison charts between different services – no stone goes unturned here at HookupsGuru when it comes down to delivering top-notch advice tailored specifically around YOURSELF!