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Kink D 2023 Review: All You Need To Know Before You Sign Up

Are you ready to take your dating life up a notch? Kink D might be the perfect app for you! With its unique features and modern design, this popular hookup platform is shaking up the online dating scene. But what makes it so special? Is it really worth trying out or should you stick with more traditional apps? Let’s find out in our review of Kink D!


Ugh, Kink D is definitely not worth your time or money. It’s like a bad blind date – you don’t know what to expect and it usually ends up being pretty disappointing! I’ve tried this app out of curiosity and let me tell ya, there was nothing kinky about it at all. The matches were few and far between, the interface was clunky as heck (not user-friendly in the slightest!), plus there weren’t any real features that made it stand out from other dating apps on the market. All in all: skip Kink D – trust me when I say you won’t be missing much!

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Plenty of users to choose from
  • Great way to meet people with similar interests
  • Limited user base in some areas
  • Not enough safety features for users
  • Too many fake profiles on the app
  • Lack of customer service support
  • Matching algorithm is not very accurate

How we reviewed Kink D

My team and I took an in-depth look at Kink D, testing both the free and paid versions. We sent out messages to other users on the app – a total of 50 over two days – so we could get a real feel for how it works.
We also read through user reviews online, as well as what was being said about Kink D on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. This gave us insight into how people felt about using this dating app before we even started our review process!
To make sure that our review was comprehensive, my team looked at all aspects of Kink D including its features (such as profile customization options), safety measures (like account verification processes),and customer service support availability. We wanted to ensure that readers would have all the information they need when considering whether or not to use this dating platform.
Finally, after completing these steps above,we compared our findings with those from other similar apps available in order to give an accurate comparison between them. Our commitment is clear: providing thorough reviews based off extensive research rather than simply giving opinions – something which sets us apart from many other sites who don’t offer such detailed assessments!

Design & Usability

When it comes to the design and usability of Kink D, I have to say that it’s a bit of a letdown. The colors are drab and uninspiring – nothing about them screams ‘dating app’ or encourages you to use the platform. And as for its usability? Well, let’s just say there is definitely room for improvement!

Navigating through Kink D can be quite tricky; menus don’t always appear where they should, buttons aren’t intuitively placed in an easy-to-find spot on your screen…you get my drift here. It feels like navigating through quicksand at times – which isn’t exactly conducive when you’re trying to find someone special online! Even if you do manage (by some miracle) make sense out of all this chaos – good luck actually getting any matches with such limited search options available on their free version. If only they’d put half as much effort into making sure users had access decent features instead…sigh…guess we’ll never know what could’ve been huh?

On top of that though, even if you decide purchase one their paid subscriptions – don’t expect too many UI improvements either because there really aren’t any worth mentioning besides having more filters added onto your searches page….not very exciting now is it?! All in all then: unless things drastically change soon enough with regards how user friendly KinkD currently is,I wouldn’t recommend wasting time downloading this dating app anytime soon.

Signing up

If you’re looking for a new dating app, Kink D is worth checking out. It’s got an easy registration process that won’t take more than five minutes of your time. First off, the minimum age to register on the app is 18 years old – so if you don’t meet this requirement it’s best not to waste any further effort!

The first step in registering with Kink D requires creating an account and entering some basic information about yourself like gender identity, sexual orientation and relationship status (e.g., single or couple). You’ll also need to provide a valid email address which will be used as your username when logging into the app later on down the line. The next part involves setting up a profile picture along with other details such as physical characteristics (height/weight), interests/hobbies etc.. Once all these steps are completed successfully then congratulations –you’re now officially registered!
Kink D makes things even easier by offering users two options: either sign-up via Facebook or Google+ accounts; alternatively they can create their own unique login credentials using only their e-mail address and password combination–the choice really depends upon personal preference here folks! And yes indeedy doo –it’s completely free too booty!!

Now before we wrap things up let me just say one thing… I know there are plenty of fish in this sea but don’t forget that safety comes first when navigating through online waters… So make sure ya read those terms & conditions carefully y’all!!! With that said though I think it goes without saying that signing up for KinkD should be smooth sailing from hereon out 😉

Requirements For Registration On The App:
  • Must Be At Least 18 Years Old
  • Provide Valid Email Address                                                                                              • Set Up Profile Picture • Enter Basic Information About Yourself • Create Unique Login Credentials Or Sign In Via Social Media Accounts

  • To register on Kink D, you will need:
  • A valid email address
  • A username
  • A password
  • Your age
  • Your gender
  • Your sexual orientation
  • Your location

Kink D features

I’m not a fan of Kink D, the dating app. It’s got some features that sound good on paper but don’t really work in practice. For starters, they offer both free and paid versions of their service – which is great if you’re just looking to dip your toes into online dating without committing any money upfront – but it also means there are lots of ads cluttering up the interface and making things more difficult than necessary for users who want to get down to business quickly.

The biggest issue I have with Kink D is its lack of unique features or tools that set it apart from other apps out there. Sure, they’ve got some basic search filters like age range and location-based searches – nothing special here – as well as an ‘icebreaker’ feature where you can send someone a pre-written message (yawn). But when compared against competitors such as Bumble or Tinder, Kink D simply doesn’t stack up in terms of innovation or user experience design; these two apps have much better options for finding matches based on interests/likes/dislikes etc., plus more intuitive navigation systems so users can find what they need faster without having to wade through endless menus full o’ crap!

Plus let’s be honest: most people using this app aren’t doing so because it offers something truly revolutionary…they’re mainly drawn by its risqué name alone! That being said though I must admit that one thing about KinkD does stand out: The "Kinky Profiles" section allows members to explore different sexual fantasies anonymously before deciding whether or not pursue them further with potential partners (if at all!). This could potentially make for interesting conversations between consenting adults…but again this isn’t exactly groundbreaking stuff either; after all many sites already allow anonymous chat rooms etc.. So overall my verdict? Save yourself time & energy by giving this one a pass folks!

  • User profiles with detailed information about kinks and interests
  • Private messaging between users
  • Ability to search for potential matches based on location, age, gender, and kink preferences
  • Event listings and discussion forums
  • Verified user accounts to ensure safety and security

Help & Support

If you’re looking for support from Kink D, don’t hold your breath. It may be a dating app but it sure doesn’t have the customer service to match! I tried reaching out multiple times and either got no response or one that was less than satisfactory. There isn’t even an FAQ page on their website so if you’re having any issues with the app, good luck trying to figure them out yourself!

The only way I could find any sort of help is by emailing them directly which can take days before they get back to you – not exactly ideal when all your dates are in limbo because something’s gone wrong with the app. Plus there’s always that niggling worry at the back of my mind: will they actually respond? Will their answer make sense? Will it solve my problem?! With Kink D, who knows…

It would really be nice if Kink D stepped up its game and provided some kind of live chat feature where users could talk directly with someone from customer service instead of waiting around forever for an email reply (which might never come). And while we’re dreaming here – how about adding a comprehensive FAQ section too?! That’d go down well amongst us poor souls stuck in tech purgatory due to glitches or whatever else has been thrown our way.

At this point though, I think we just need realistic expectations; namely that accessing support through KinkD is going to require patience…and lots more patience after that! If anything goes wrong then expect delays as long as two weeks until things start getting sorted out again – assuming anyone bothers replying at all…


Kink D is a dating app that requires users to pay for its services. The prices are definitely not competitive and can be quite steep depending on the subscription plan you choose. For example, if you want access to all of Kink D’s features, it will cost you $20 per month! That’s an outrageous amount compared to other apps out there which offer similar services at much lower rates.

The only benefit of getting a paid subscription with Kink D is that your profile gets more visibility than free members do – but even then, this doesn’t guarantee any success in finding someone special or even making connections with others on the platform. So overall I would say paying for Kink D isn’t worth it; save yourself some money and go elsewhere instead!

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Similar Apps

If you’re looking for an alternative to Kink D, there are plenty of other dating apps out there that cater to different interests and preferences. Some popular options include OkCupid, Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and PlentyOfFish.

  • FetLife
  • BDSM Date
  • Alt.com
  • CollarSpace
  • Whiplr

Best for

  • Best for those looking to explore BDSM and fetish relationships.
  • Best for singles who are open-minded about their sexuality and kinks.
  • Best for couples seeking a third partner or someone to join them in the bedroom.

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