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LonelyWifeHookup Review: Is It The Right Option For You In 2023?


After trying out LonelyWifeHookup, I can honestly say it’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot. It’s not worth your time or money – trust me! From the start, you could tell that this site was nothing more than a scam. The profiles are fake and there’s no way to actually connect with anyone on the platform – so what exactly is the point? Save yourself some trouble and stay away from LonelyWifeHookup; it ain’t gonna do ya any good!

User Profiles

Ugh, LonelyWifeHookup.com is not the place to go if you’re looking for love! I tried out this online dating site and was seriously disappointed with what I found. First of all, user profiles are public so anyone can view them – which isn’t ideal if you’re trying to keep your personal life private. You also can’t set a custom bio or hide any location info from other users – so much for keeping things on the down low! Even worse, there’s no indication of how far away someone is from you; it’d be nice to know whether that hottie lives in your city or across the country before wasting time messaging them only find out they live thousands of miles away… talk about crushing dreams right? And don’t even get me started on premium subscriptions… why would anyone pay extra money when there aren’t really any benefits? Sure some features may seem cool but overall they just feel like empty promises meant to drain my wallet dry faster than an ice cube in Death Valley during summertime heatwave (and trust me- that ain’t fast). Plus let’s face it: most people using these sites are probably broke anyway haha 😉
To top off my experience here at LonelyWifeHookup, I encountered more fake profiles than real ones while testing it out – and we all know nobody likes being catfished! All in all this website feels like one big scam where everyone involved gets scammed except those running the show… yikes. So yeah stay far away unless ya wanna waste time & money then by all means give ‘er a try ;P

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to LonelyWifeHookup include OkCupid, Match.com, and eharmony. These sites offer a variety of features that allow users to find compatible partners for casual dating or long-term relationships.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • Plenty of Fish
  • OKCupid
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for married people looking to have an affair.
  • Best for single men and women who are interested in casual dating with no strings attached.
  • Best for couples seeking a third partner or group sex experience.


1. Is LonelyWifeHookup worth it?

I wouldn’t recommend LonelyWifeHookup – it’s not worth the hassle. The site is full of fake profiles and scammers, so you’re better off looking elsewhere for a dating experience. All in all, I’d say stay away from this one!

2. What payment methods does LonelyWifeHookup accept?

LonelyWifeHookup accepts all major credit cards, as well as PayPal and Bitcoin. It’s pretty sketchy that they’re accepting these payment methods for a dating site like this – it just doesn’t seem legit to me. I wouldn’t trust them with my financial information!

3. How does LonelyWifeHookup work?

LonelyWifeHookup is a dating site that seems to be all about hooking up with married women. It’s not really the kind of thing I’m into, and it doesn’t seem very respectful or discreet either. All in all, it just isn’t my cup of tea.

4. Is LonelyWifeHookup worth the money?

I wouldn’t say LonelyWifeHookup is worth the money. It’s not very reliable and I didn’t have much luck with it. Overall, it was a pretty disappointing experience for me.

Johnny Soporno

Johnny Soporno is an online dating expert who has been helping people find love for over a decade. His passion and knowledge of the industry began in college when he took part in several research projects related to relationships, intimacy, and communication. After graduating with honors from Harvard University's psychology program, Johnny decided to focus his career on understanding how technology can improve our romantic lives. He started out by writing reviews about different dating sites and apps that were popular at the time - sharing insights into which ones worked best for finding meaningful connections or just casual flings depending on what you're looking for! From there he went on to become one of the most respected voices within this field; regularly appearing as a guest speaker at conferences around Europe discussing topics such as 'How To Navigate The Online Dating Scene' or 'The Pros & Cons Of Different Platforms'. He also runs his own blog where readers can get advice tailored specifically towards their needs – whether it’s creating an eye-catching profile or avoiding common pitfalls like ghosting someone after only two dates! Johnny believes that everyone deserves access to quality information so they have all tools necessary make informed decisions when it comes down choosing which platform works best them personally (or if they should even bother trying!).

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