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Recon Review – Is It Any Good In 2023?

Are you ready to take your dating life into the digital age? Well, if so, Recon is here to help! This app has been making waves in the online dating world – but does it live up to all of its hype? We’ll dive deep and find out. Is Recon really worth downloading or should you keep swiping left on this one? Let’s get started and see what we can uncover about this popular new app!

Pros & Cons

  • Recon is a great way to meet like-minded people in your area.
  • The app has an easy-to-use interface and intuitive design.
  • You can filter potential matches based on age, location, interests and more.
  • It offers secure messaging for added privacy and safety when connecting with other users.
  • Recon provides detailed profiles so you can get to know someone before meeting them in person!
  • Limited user base: Recon isn’t as popular as other dating apps, so there may be fewer potential matches.
  • Not free to use: You have to pay a subscription fee in order to access all of the features on Recon.
  • Fewer safety measures than some competitors: While it does offer basic security options, such as blocking and reporting users, these aren’t quite up-to-par with those offered by other dating apps.

Signing up

Registering on the Recon app is a piece of cake. It’s super simple and straightforward, so you’ll be up and running in no time! All it takes is just a few taps to get started – plus, there’s no need to worry about any hidden fees or charges; signing up for Recon won’t cost ya anything.

The first step when registering with Recon is verifying your age – after all, this dating platform isn’t meant for kids! You must be at least 18 years old before you can even start filling out the form. So make sure that if you’re not yet 18 (or don’t look like it), then better luck next time pal…unless of course someone else registers on your behalf…but let’s keep things legit here folks!

Once that hurdle has been cleared though, everything else should go smoothly as butter: enter some basic information such as name and email address into the registration form provided by Recon; create an account password which needs to include both letters AND numbers (for extra security); tick off boxes confirming terms & conditions have been read through properly etc., et cetera.. Then voila!, hit submit button – job done!!

But wait…there are still one or two more steps left until we can call ourselves fully registered members of this amazing online community: once submitted info gets verified successfully by their technical team back-end people (which usually happens within minutes) they will send over confirmation link via email so clicky click away my friends!!! And lastly upload profile picture from either Facebook account OR mobile device gallery folder – now THAT’S what I’m talking about ;-). After doing these final bits n bobs registration process would officially come full circle yippeee!!

So overall Registering with Recondoesn’t take long at all but also remember minimum required age limit i-e eighteen years old otherwise best wishes good bye!. Here below are bullet points summarizing whole procedure :
• Must verify age upon starting signup process i-e18+ only allowed • Enter basic details e.g Name, Email Address etc • Create Account Password having Letters + Numbers • Tick off Terms & Conditions box • Submit Info • Confirmation Link sent via Email • Upload Profile Picture

  • To register on Recon, you will need:
  • A valid email address
  • A username and password
  • Your gender identity and sexual orientation
  • Your age and location
  • A profile picture
  • An optional bio to describe yourself

Best for

  • Best for those looking to find meaningful connections
  • Best for people who are tired of swiping through endless profiles
  • Best for singles who want a more personalized dating experience

Johnny Soporno

Johnny Soporno is an online dating expert who has been helping people find love for over a decade. His passion and knowledge of the industry began in college when he took part in several research projects related to relationships, intimacy, and communication. After graduating with honors from Harvard University's psychology program, Johnny decided to focus his career on understanding how technology can improve our romantic lives. He started out by writing reviews about different dating sites and apps that were popular at the time - sharing insights into which ones worked best for finding meaningful connections or just casual flings depending on what you're looking for! From there he went on to become one of the most respected voices within this field; regularly appearing as a guest speaker at conferences around Europe discussing topics such as 'How To Navigate The Online Dating Scene' or 'The Pros & Cons Of Different Platforms'. He also runs his own blog where readers can get advice tailored specifically towards their needs – whether it’s creating an eye-catching profile or avoiding common pitfalls like ghosting someone after only two dates! Johnny believes that everyone deserves access to quality information so they have all tools necessary make informed decisions when it comes down choosing which platform works best them personally (or if they should even bother trying!).

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