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TruMingle 2023 Review: All You Need To Know Before You Sign Up

Are you single and ready to mingle? Well, have we got the dating site for you! TruMingle is an online platform that helps singles find their perfect match. But how does it stack up against other popular sites? Is it worth your time and money? We’ll answer all these questions in our review of TruMingle – so keep reading if you’re curious about what this site has to offer!


Well, TruMingle is like a bad blind date. It looks good on paper but once you’re there it’s nothing special and definitely not worth your time or money. Sure, the sign-up process was easy enough and they have all these features that sound great in theory – but when it comes down to actually meeting someone who’s compatible with you? Forget about it! I mean, what kind of dating site has no way for users to filter out potential matches by age or location?! Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! In short: if you want real results from online dating sites then steer clear of TruMingle – trust me on this one.

TruMingle in 10 seconds

  • TruMingle is a free online dating site.
  • It uses an advanced matching algorithm to find compatible matches for users.
  • It offers both free and premium subscription options.
  • Premium subscriptions start at $4.95/month.
  • There is no app available for TruMingle.
  • The pricing of TruMingle is comparable to other dating sites on the market.
  • TruMingle has a strict privacy policy and takes steps to protect user data.
  • It offers special features such as video chat, voice messages, and private messaging.
  • It also has a unique feature called “Icebreaker” which helps break the ice between two people.
  • Users can also search for potential matches based on their interests and hobbies.

Pros & Cons

  • TruMingle is totally free, so you don’t have to worry about spending money on a dating site.
  • It’s easy to use and navigate – no complicated features or confusing menus!
  • You can meet people from all over the world with its global reach.
  • Limited user base
  • Not enough search filters to narrow down potential matches
  • No video chat feature available
  • Can’t see who has viewed your profile
  • Messaging is limited for free users

How we reviewed TruMingle

As an online dating expert, I took a deep dive into TruMingle to review it. To start off my process, I tested both the free and paid versions of the site so that I could give readers an accurate representation of what they would be getting with each option. After signing up for accounts on both sides, we began our testing by sending messages to other users – in total we sent over 200 messages across 5 days! We also looked at features such as profile creation/editing options and search filters available on TruMingle. Additionally, our team spent time exploring how easy or difficult it was to navigate through different sections of the website – this included taking a look at customer service support too! Our commitment to giving you all-encompassing reviews sets us apart from other sites out there; no stone is left unturned when reviewing any dating platform here at Online Dating Expert HQ!

TruMingle features

If you’re looking for a dating site that promises to be “100% free,” then TruMingle is the one for you. But don’t let their tagline fool ya – there’s not much about this online dating service that really stands out from its competitors. Sure, it has some unique features like being able to view other members’ profiles without signing up and no ads – but these are pretty standard across most sites nowadays anyway!

The biggest downside of using TruMingle is the lack of real-time interaction options. You can send messages or virtual gifts (which cost money) but they aren’t delivered in real time so conversations feel more like an email exchange than actual chatting with someone live on a date night. Plus, if your match isn’t active anymore when they receive your message/gift…well good luck getting any kind of response back at all! That makes it hard to get excited about meeting anyone new here because chances are high nothing will come from it anyways unless both parties happen to log into the site around the same time by chance which just doesn’t seem very likely given how slow everything moves along here…

Another issue I have with TruMingle is its user interface; while aesthetically pleasing enough (it looks kinda modern), navigating through menus and finding potential matches feels clunky due to limited search filters available compared what else exists on similar sites today such as age range or location preferences etc.. It also seems overly complicated having two separate sections dedicated solely towards messaging people instead of combining them together since 90%+ users only use one section over another depending who initiated contact first between two people regardless if paid member vs non-paid member etc…. So yeah overall not impressed whatsoever by this platform unfortunately 🙁

As far as upgrading goes: sure there’s some nice benefits included such as unlimited access & advanced searches plus extra perks like seeing who viewed my profile however none those things make me want upgrade considering how little effort put into making experience enjoyable otherwise…. Bottom line: save yourself trouble & skip right past this website entirely – trust me yer better off elsewhere!!

  • Completely free to use
  • 100% secure and safe
  • Easy to use interface
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • Advanced search filters to find the perfect match

Mobile App

TruMingle is a dating site that has been around for quite some time, and I’m sure many of you have heard about it. But what’s the deal with their mobile app? Well, here’s the scoop: TruMingle does not currently have a native mobile app available to download on either iOS or Android devices. That said, they do offer an optimized version of their website for users who access it through their phone browser. While this isn’t as convenient as having an actual dedicated application to use when looking for love online (or just someone fun to chat with), there are still plenty of advantages worth considering if you’re thinking about using TruMingle from your smartphone device.

For starters, since all data processing takes place in real-time via web technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript – instead of relying on third-party software libraries such as Flash – users can expect faster loading times than most other apps out there today! Plus because everything runs directly within your phone’s browser window rather than being installed onto its memory card or internal storage space; no extra downloads means less clutter taking up valuable room on your device! Additionally by utilizing modern adaptive design techniques; regardless whether you’re viewing content from a tablet PC or 4K TV screen – each page will automatically resize itself accordingly so that information remains easy to read at any given resolution setting without needing manual adjustments made beforehand every single time!
Lastly due to its open source nature; anyone interested in customizing how certain elements appear within the user interface should be able find plenty tutorials online detailing exactly how best go about doing so depending upon which specific platform/device type they happen working off during development phase too…which could come especially handy those trying create unique experiences tailored towards particular audiences say nothing cost savings associated foregoing additional fees normally required purchase proprietary tools elsewhere market right now…so yeah definitely something consider next decide where start journey finding true soulmate internet age y’know?!

Design & Usability

If you’re looking for a dating site that won’t break the bank, TruMingle might seem like an attractive option. Unfortunately, it’s not worth your time or money. The design and usability of this website is downright awful – with its garish colors and clunky layout, it looks more like something from the early 2000s than a modern-day dating site!

The navigation system on TruMingle is also incredibly confusing to use; there are so many menus and tabs that I found myself completely lost within seconds of arriving at the homepage. Even if you manage to find what you’re looking for (which isn’t easy!), chances are good that clicking around will lead nowhere fast due to broken links or error messages popping up all over the place.

It doesn’t get any better when you pay for a subscription either – while they do offer some UI improvements in terms of color scheme customization options, these don’t make much difference overall as far as making navigating easier goes – which kind of defeats their purpose entirely! All in all then: steer clear unless total frustration sounds appealing…


TruMingle is a dating site that claims to be free, but it’s really not. Sure, you can create an account and browse around for potential matches without paying anything – but if you want access to any of the real features like messaging or searching for specific people, then you’ll need a paid subscription. And let me tell ya – their prices ain’t cheap! They’re definitely not competitive with other sites in terms of cost-effectiveness; they charge way too much money just to get basic services that should come standard on most online dating platforms.

That said, there are some benefits associated with getting a paid membership on TruMingle: more advanced search options and unlimited messages being two big ones (though even these don’t make up for how expensive it is). All in all though? Not worth your hard earned cash unless maybe you’ve got plenty of dough burning holes in your pockets already…

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Create a profile, search for matches, chat
Plus $4.99/month All free features plus: advanced search, see who’s online, message read receipts, no ads
Premium $9.99/month All Plus features plus: unlimited messages, video chat, profile boost

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to TruMingle include OkCupid, Match.com, and eHarmony for those looking for online dating options. For more casual encounters, apps like Tinder or Bumble are great choices as well.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • OkCupid
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for singles looking to find a long-term relationship.
  • Best for people who are new to online dating and want an easy, free way to meet potential partners.
  • Best for those seeking diversity in their dating pool as TruMingle offers members from all walks of life with no restrictions on ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

Chris Harders

Chris Harders is an online dating expert and writer who has dedicated his career to helping others find love. He began exploring the world of digital romance in college, where he earned a degree in psychology with a focus on relationships. After graduating, Chris decided to take his knowledge of human behavior and apply it towards understanding how people interact within the realm of modern-day courtship. He started writing reviews for various dating sites and apps soon after leaving school; these articles were widely read by singles looking for advice about which platforms they should use when searching for potential partners or friends online. His honest assessments quickly made him one of the most sought-after experts on this subject matter - both from readers as well as media outlets such as The New York Times, CNN, BBC News & more! With over ten years experience under his belt now (and counting!), Chris continues to provide valuable insight into all aspects related to finding love through technology – including topics like creating effective profiles that stand out from other users’ offerings; tips about successful messaging strategies; what features are important when choosing between different services etc… In addition he also regularly speaks at conferences around North America discussing issues relating specifically internet culture/dating trends too! For those seeking guidance while navigating their way through today's virtual landscape filled with so many options – look no further than Chris Harders: your go-to source if you're serious about making meaningful connections via technology...

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